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Not all the templates meet the rigour that we tend to the templates, we’ve carefully picked through a meticulous selection criterion which we’ve set for our creative contributors. Because the bar we’ve set for our creative contributors, many simply fails to live up to the tall ask.

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Resume FAQs – got the basics covered

Which resume template is best for me?


There are many kinds of resume templates out there. Some are minimal, some are modern, some are creative that expresses a lot of personality. The answer is relatively simple, if you are from conservative industries such as banking, law, consultancy, you’re required to keep it ultra-clean or minimal. But as you move the other end of the spectrum such as design, copywriting, waiters, bartenders, it is acceptable to use resume templates with accentuated design expressions to show your service spirit.

Why should you create multiple versions of your resume?

Not all industries are the same, so you are required to craft cover letters and resumes that are suited to specific sectors.  A customer service or receptionist in a billabong boutique retail would need to demonstrate through their writing they have an upbeat and spirited personality but the same customer service or receptionist at a law firm, those certain qualities need to be muted but instead appear brushed or polished.

Should I use a free resume template?

Let’s answer that question slightly differently. Every Jane Doe and John Doe got their hands full with a free resume template. And you’re not a Doe, so don’t be a donut! Most free resume templates are just eye candy, a dolled-up document. They don’t adhere to design discipline, most aren’t even ATS optimized, the holy grail feature for today’s resume.